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make your home a theme house

Make your home a theme house with nautical home decor items

Nautical Home Decor Items

Did you ever want to live near an ocean or planned to own a beach house, but never got a chance to do so. Even in your home, by adding in some nautical décor could do the needful. There are several nautical décor products along with selected wall colours that could help in create Beach or Ocean theme in your home.(nautical home decor items)

Now, if you are prepared to add in some nautical home décor into your look? There are a few tips, which would help in the decorating your home and giving an oceanic feeling, even if you’re miles away.

Usually, when it comes for nautical home decor items, first thing comes to mind is about the costs which could be as large as ships. But in reality, giving a sophisticated look to your home, nautical décor is the best option and with only a few changes in the home, it can easily fit into your pockets.

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The key to nautical décor is the lights, giving a ship or beach like feeling in the house. From the living room to your bedroom, these nautical lights will add an oceanic look to your nautical home décor. Just a few simple elements and coordinating colours can be enough to take you away to the beach. The nautical lights, ocean, shells, ship clocks and hues of blues and green will help in decorating in a nautical style.

Nautical Bathroom Décor

The bathroom is one the common place where nautical home décor could easily be found. Adding in a few nautical products with two trendy colours navy blue and white could help in achieving the décor. Along with the colour, Aluminium Fixed Round and rectangular Portholes could be used for decorating the bathroom. The decorative anchor patterns in the shower curtains and towels with Shells and starfish could also fit in giving beach like feeling.

Aluminium Fixed rectangular Portholes Aluminium Fixed Round Portholes

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Nautical Wall Décor

In the Wall décor shells, anchors or sailboats can create a beautiful gallery to impress the visitors. For making it more attractive, pictures of your family at the beach can be used in the frames made using Aluminium portholes. A wide range of Brass and Wooden case wall clocks could also be added in for giving a vintage look to your walls. In the passage, Indoor Aluminium Ships Passage Light could also be used.

Aluminium portholes Ships Passage Light

Nautical Bedroom Décor

The nautical decor goes best in the bedrooms too. First, use natural products and neutral colours making the bedroom more bright and airy. To decorate the walls starfish, shells and fabrics in soft blue hues could be used for getting an ocean-side feel.

In the bedroom, Brass, aluminium or wooden case wall clocks alongside Wooden Steering Wheel could also be used on the walls.

For lighting, there is nothing better than nautical light be it, a passage light or pendant lights, those could easily fit in nautical décor for bedrooms. In furniture, Mahogany Wood Bedside or Camphor Wood Chest with brass fitting could also be used in the room.

wooden ship wheels Mahogany Wood Bedside Wood Chest with brass fitting

Living Area Decor

The most important part of a house is the living area, which is usually used not only by the family but also the visitors. To decorate the living area there are number of options available in the nautical decor. The passenger bar stools and passenger ship revolving chair easily fits in the nautical decor of the living area.

passenger bar stools passenger ship revolving

For incorporating the nautical lights in the living area, XXL Aluminium Hanging Light is a preferred product to be used in decor.

Aluminium Hanging Light

Try this Nautical Outdoor Lighting for house

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