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Nautical Lights used in movies

Nautical Lights in movies in 2020/2021: How professional looks are given in the scene using different lights on set?

Nautical Lights used in movies in 2020/2021

Be it Hollywood or Bollywood movies, or the trending web series the nautical lights are being used (Nautical Lights used in movies in 2020/2021) in most of them to give a majestic look to the set as well as balancing the lights used in the scenes.

Since long, the Hollywood and Bollywood directors are using the nautical lights in the films as it helps in various scenes to provide a vintage look. Now the trending web series are also using those too. The nautical lights are easily available in good working condition at the marinetreasury

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Here we have listed some scenes from various Hollywood and Bollywood movies as well as web series where these lights were used by the production unit in different scenes.

Starting with Hollywood, Mad Max Fury Road, which is a 2015 Australian-American post-apocalyptic action film. It was produced and directed by George Miller. In this movie, there is a number of scenes where the nautical lights and products were used in the set.

Mad Max Fury Road- Nautical Lights Mad Max Fury Road- Nautical Lighting

In different scenes, Aluminium Telegraph, Aluminium Extra Large Search Lights and even passage lights were used.

Mad Max Fury Road search light for sale Mad Max Fury Road search lights Mad Max Fury Road- Search Lighting

In another Hollywood movie “Breaking Bad” production unit used nautical passage lights while shooting a scene. “Breaking Bad” is an American neo-western crime drama television series created and produced by Vince Gilligan

breaking bad nautical passage lights.

Now coming to Bollywood, Film “Gold: The Dream That United Our Nation” was released in the year 2018. This movie was Indian historical sports-drama made on Indian national hockey team’s title at the 1948 Summer Olympics. Interestingly, this is a first Indian movie which was released in Saudi Arabia.

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Medical Lights Gold Movie- Nautical lights Nautical Flutted light with wooden stand

In this movie, at different scenes, the nautical lightings were used in accordance with the script and give a vintage look.

Like in this scene, medical light and fluted aluminium light with wooden stand were used.

In another scene from the Gold Movie, lights similar to Aluminium Search light on the iron stand were used by the production unit giving a vintage look in the scene.( Nautical Lights used in movies in 2020/2021 )

Gold Movie- Search Light

In the same movie, when there is a scene of a boxing match, here too use of nautical lights could be seen easily. In this scene, the production unit used Enamel shades with Aluminium fitting which perfectly adjusted with the scene.

Gold movie- Enamel shades lights Enamel shades with Aluminium fitting

After the Bollywood and Hollywood movies, comes the web series “sacred games” starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan and Radhika Apte. This story goes back into mega gangster of slums in 1980-1990s at the then Bombay. According to the story, use of nautical lights in different scenes helped in achieving a vintage look to the set.

Sacred Games- Nautical Passage Lights
In a scene shot at Gaitonde’s den, the passage lights could easily be spotted on the side walls, which are beautifully incorporated into the theme.

Sacred Games 2 - Nautical Passage Lights

With the nautical lights traditionally being used in the shooting of Hollywood and Bollywood movies and now even in the trending web series, the demand for it increasing day by day.

The marinetreasury.com offers a wide range of original nautical lightings which you can use in your web series and even in the short films for giving a professional look to the set.

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