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Marine Treasury is a 2-generation old family business dealing in various ship salvage, vintage items, nautical lights & furniture made from reclaimed ship parts. Dealers of furniture & fixtures initially, with limited resources & products, we have since grown exponentially in the last 3 decades. Today, we are one of the biggest exporters & suppliers of nautical lightings. In fact, Marine Treasury was one of the first dealers of nautical lights & reclaimed ship furniture in Mumbai. Having conquered the wholesale export market globally, we recently shifted our focus to retail to expand our reach & make this elegantly unique pieces available to all. Apart from being eloquent & stylish, all our products are pocket-friendly & a value for your money. Feel free to check the authenticity, durability & tardiness of each product. Certain flaws & blemishes highlight the unique character of a product. It represents the excursion it’s been through, the tides its seen, & the journey it made to reach you.We always make it a point to keep enhancing the range and variety of our collection. Some of our best-selling products are; ship deck lights, nautical portholes, ship lamps and lights, ring buoys, ship nautical items, and passageway lights. You cannot go wrong with any of these options, which by the way, are delivered within a few days!

Ship breaking yards are our playground & the world is our oyster, so we provide the best ship salvage items from around the world.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a proof of authenticity at Marine Treasury.


Our products include: explosion proof nautical tube lights, Large Aluminium Fluted Cargo Pendant Light, nautical lanterns, Explosion proof passage light, Reclaimed Ship’s Cargo Light,vintage fox lights,vintage cargo lights, nautical searchlights, reclaimed ship lights, bulkhead lights, nautical passageway lights, brass ship lights, salvage lights, nautical wall lights, nautical porthole, ship telegraph, ship clock, boat compass, sextant, ship bells, ship fog horn, ship wheel, chain & ring buoys. We make sure that the products we sell are in great condition, which is why we take the time to transform the salvaged pieces into polished magnum opus & in great working condition. Since we always put your satisfaction above everything else, we also do repairs and upgrades on the items you desire. All you have to do is give us your requirements and we’ll make sure to fulfill all of them for you.

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