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what is a sextant and how to use a sextant

What is a Sextant and How to use a Sextant?

What is a Sextant and How to use a Sextant?

You must have heard about latest technological advancement in navigation system but before these tech gadgets came into existence, there were equipment which led to smooth sailing of ships in ocean.

Yes! Here we are talking about Sextant, a device which helped the sailors to navigate in the ocean for years when there was no advance gadgets or Global Positioning System (GPS) for navigating in the oceans with no pre-defined routes.

What is a Sextant?

How to use a Sextant

What is a Sextant? Well it is an instrument used for celestial navigation by determining the angle between the horizon and a celestial body like Sun, the Moon, or a star. It determines latitude and longitude which helps in navigations.

The device has an arc of a circle with marking of degrees, and a movable radial arm at the centre of the circle. A telescope is also mounted on it which is lined up with the horizon. On the radial arm there is a mirror in which reflection of the star is seen through the telescope, to coincide with the horizon.

Do ships carry Sextant now-a-days?

Even though technological advancement has brought many navigation technologies with it, still big ships carry is required to carry with them. Not only this, but the navigation officers regularly use it, so as whenever it is required, they can navigate with the help of Sextant too.

None has seen the future, just like during power-cuts we have to use the lanterns and candles, similarly in case Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), gyro compasses or radio communications fails, the navigation officers can navigate ships easily. Fortunately, Sextants doesn’t need electricity supply to work, what it really needs is skill and experience.

For using a Sextant, you will need the celestial tables with skill and experience to understand of how to use the tables or make the calculations from principles. You can also Buy Antique Sextant.

Nautical Sextant for Sale

What is a Sextant

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