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types of ships

5 different types of ships that you must know.

  1. Types of ships


You must have seen different kind of ships sailing in the ocean but do you know that there are various types of ships used for specific purposes. There are ships which are designed for carrying cargo, while one is specifically for carrying the passengers with luxury.

In this article we will learn about various type of ships used for different purposes and how these vessels are being used in the present time for carrying the passengers and cargo making our lives easy.

  1. Container Ships: These vessels are known for their carrying capacities as they carry load in bulk loaded in the containers. These vessels especially designed for carrying bulk cargo from the one place to another.

As per Wikipedia, first container ship was built in the late 18th century in England. In the year 1776, James Brindley designed box boat specifically fqor carrying standardized load units, which had 10 wooden containers. This box boat was used to transport coal from Worsley Delph to Manchester by Bridgewater Canal.

Do you know? HMM Algeciras is world’s biggest container ship, which is built by Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM). This container ship was launched in April 2020.

  1. Tanker Ships: The vessels which carries the liquid cargo in a very large amount are known as Tanker ships. They usually carry different kind of liquid based cargo which is like Oil, Chemical or LNG.Read more: Top 5 World Biggest Ship 2020

    a. Oil Tankers:
    This kind of tanker ship mostly carries crude oil or its by-products from one place to another.b. Liquified Gas carrier: In this tanker ship, the liquified gases like LNG or LPG is being supplied to the companies in large amount.c. Chemical carrier: This tanker carries Chemical and other such products to the buyers. In such a case large amount of chemical is being transported.

Apart from these three, there are other kinds of tanker ships which is known as Juice tanker, wine tanker, etc.

  1. Bulk Cargo Ship: The bulk cargo ships are the vessels which transports bulk cargo usually Dry cargo. These carry cargo without specific packaging (loose cargo) like Food grains, Minerals, cement, etc. In the year, 1852 first bulk cargo ship was designed to carry unpackaged cargo, since then there has been continuous development to maximize the capacity in order to boost the economic activities.

Do you know?

Read more: Decoring your commercial place with Nautical Searchlights can boost your business

Presently, there are six different types of bulk cargo ships operating across the globe to carry the unpackaged cargo.

  1. Geared Bulk Carriers
  2. Combined Carriers
  3. Gearless Carriers
  4. Self-Dischargers
  5. Lakers 
  6. BIBO (Bulk In- Bulk Out) 

We will discuss about these Bulk Cargo Carriers in other blog post at www.marinetreasury.com

  1. RORO (Roll on – Roll off): As the name defines, this kind of carrier is about carrying the cargo with the wheels. This kind of vessels generally carries the cargo on the wheels like cars, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers, and railroad cars. These cargo are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels.

Do you Know? That during the world war II, the RORO (Roll on- Roll Off) ships were used to carry the tanks and other vehicles to assist the soldiers fighting the war on the front. It is being said that for the first time British army used RORO ships for carrying the tanks and other vehicles in the war zone.

  1. Passenger Ships: Last but not the least, the passenger’s ships. The carriers which are popularly known and first comes to the mind when we talk about sailing on the water. There are two kinds of passenger ships, first is the Ferries, which are being used for transporting the passengers from one place to another on short routes.

Second is the Cruise ships, these are mainly used for the recreational activities. It is just like luxurious hotels sailing on the sea, where people enjoy the facilities while spending quality time.

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