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suez canal was opened in the year

Suez canal was opened in the year 1869: All you must know about suez canal

Soon after the container ship, Ever Given was stranded in the Suez canal, which is said to be an ancient Egypt shipping route came into the limelight. All over the internet, it the Suez canal which remained in the talks and made it all over the news media. (suez canal was opened in the year 1869)

Now the ship has successfully left the Suez Canal and the route is cleared for other ships to pass through. Many of you would be curious to know more about this canal, which remained in the news for days attracting everyone’s attention.

suez canalTalking about the ancientness of this route, it is believed that The legendary Sesostris (likely either Pharaoh Senusret II or Senusret III of the Twelfth dynasty of Egypt could have started the work of an ancient canal, which was the Canal of the Pharaohs. It was done to join the river Nile with the Red Sea around 1897–1839 BC.

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Its modern history says that this 120-mile long man-made Suez Canal (Qanātu s-Suways) was constructed by the Suez Canal Company. The work started in the year 1859 and completed in the year 1869 (suez canal was opened in the year 1869). This canal connects the meditation with the Red Sea.

Earlier in the year 1956, the Suez Canal became the centre of conflict between Britain, France and Israel, after Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized Suez Canal on 26th July 1956. Egypt gained independence from the British Empire in 1922 but the British military force continued to occupy the canal to ensure Britain’s commercial interests and opposed the building of the Aswan Dam on it.

Following in the same year, all three nations decided to attack and regain control of the canal but before they could do anything, the international community including the US and United Nations strongly condemned it. With such a widespread condemnation, all three nations decided not to act at that time and Egypt continued the control.

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Nearly a decade later, in the year 1967 Suez Canal again came into the limelight during the Six-Day War of Arab nations against Israel. it was closed and blocked at either end by scuttled ships and mines. When it was shut down during the war, some 15 freighters were stuck in the canal. Those freighters remained stuck in the canal for eight years and came out in 1975 when a new disengagement accord was signed. For eight years at anchor, only two of them remained seaworthy and were to set sail once more.

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