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old ship lights for sale

Old ship lights for sale: Decorate your space with these ship lights

Simple and durable old ship lights for sale

Simple and durable design of the ship lights makes them eligible for elimination and navigation purposes. These lights are not only useful in the ships but after the ship retires these durable lights ship lights could become a part of your décor. These salvaged ship lights can be used indoors as well as outdoors like in your bath, as a table lamp, in the porch and even as a path lights in your lovely garden. ( Old ship lights for sale )

For those looking for vintage look ship lights, these old lights are the best option. They could easily get those from marinetreasuary.com as we have a wide range of old ship lights which have gone through a proper rehab and are ready for increasing beauty of your house or commercial establishments.

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If we talk about ship lights, there is a very wide range of old ship lights which are available in their best condition. From pendant light to chandeliers, ship deck lights, cargo lights and search lights. These lights can be used on the ceiling, focus light and also on the walls giving a vintage look to your décor.

The floor lights like Ajmera brass searchlight with original aluminium stand and also aluminium Swiss canal light on iron tipod stand. There is Brass Search light collection which will surely attract the eyeballs.

Apart from ceiling and floor there are table lights to like aluminium folding table light, brass & copper table light, Brass Fanas Light – Table Light and reclaimed ships table mounted cargo light with brass cage. There are more table lights which can be used for study table and also as a decorating in your living as well as drawing rooms.

In the tube light section, there are a couple of favorites which could be used in your decor of ship lights. Some of them are the 1010 mm explosion proof cylindrical tube light – short and 1340 mm explosion-proof cylindrical tube light as well as 1340 mm explosion proof twin glass tube light. These lights could be used on the walls as well as hanging them on the bar to make not just your room illuminated but also giving a vintage feel to the visitors.

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Last but not the least the wall mounted lights. The wall mounted ship lights can be used in the garden area, porch bath and even in the corridors giving a different feel to the residents as well as the visitors. At marinetreasury.com we have more than 20 such products which will not only catch your attention but also will make your home decor better. In the wall mounted section, we have Aluminum 90 Degree Passage Wall Light – Brass Shade, Aluminum Oval Ships Bulkhead Light – Ribbed Glass, Large Original Ex German Minesweeper Bulkhead Light, Smooth Copper Cargo Bay Wall / Pendant Light, Oval Ships Bulkhead Light with Wall Fitting – Clear Glass and many more.

At Marine Treasury we offer a wide range of nautical products and lightings which is used in decorating the outside portion of your property much more attractive. Do visit to witness an extended range of nautical outdoor lightings which was earlier used on the ships and cruise lines.

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