Nautical Store Decor: Make your store an attractive one with nautical lights

Nautical Store Decor: Make your store an attractive one with nautical lights

Nautical Store Decor: Make your store an attractive one with nautical lights

In the modern day marketing, the stores(Nautical Store Decor) are now focusing on the décor which not only increases the attraction but also helps in building customers too.

Nowadays, the nautical products, especially lightings, are becoming famous on the store décor. There are a number of stores across the globe decorated with beautiful interiors and the use of nautical lights increases the attraction.

Nautical Store Decor with Marine Treasury

There are many clients of who had have incorporated nautical lightings and products in their stores to give it a majestic look and attract customers. Apart, from this here we have listed some of the stores which showcase the nautical décor.

Here in this picture All Saint store where they have their own way to decorate the store. Similarly, you can also decorate the store with salvage lights to attract the customers.

All Saint Store Marine Treasury Client

                                   All Saint Store

Store Decor Of Super Dry Store

In these pictures, from the Super Dry store, you can easily spot the nautical lights used not only for lighting but also matching with the décor. Here the Aluminium round tube light on the staircase, Aluminium Search Light on the floor, etc.

Aluminium round tube light super dry store nautical decor

                      Super Dry Store Nautical Decor


Aluminium round tube light nautical decor

                                   Aluminium round tube light


aluminium search lights on the floor super dry store nautical decor

                           Search Lights used in super dry store


Aluminium search lights

                                       Aluminium search lights


aluminium search lights super dry store nautical decor

      Search Lights used in Super Dry Store Nautical Decor

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Nautical Decor of White Stuff Store

In another store namely White Stuff, Aluminium casting non-explosive lights, Aluminium Fluted light, Brass Hanging Light, Copper Hanging Light and industrial Enamel Shade lights are being used not only for the décor but for required lighting inside the store.

white stuff store nautical decor

                                    White Stuff Store Nautical Decor


white stuff store industrial enamel shade light used for store decor

      Industrial enamel shade light used for store decor


industrial enamel shade light

                                              Industrial enamel shade light


brass hanging light nautical store decor super dry store

                                 Copper Hanging Light Nautical Store Decor


copper hanging light

                                             Copper Hanging Light


iron hanging lights

             Brass hanging lights used for store nautical decor


brass hanging light

                                Brass hanging light

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Bar’s Nautical Decor

In this bar, the nautical light is properly placed to match with the décor, where Iron hanging light and Aluminium Double Tube light with Aluminium Shade is being used.

Aluminium Double Tube light with Aluminium Shade in bar

          Aluminium Double Tube light with Aluminium Shade in bar


iron hanging light

                                             Iron hanging light


Aluminium Double Tube light with Aluminium Shade

                     Aluminium Double Tube light with Aluminium Shade

How Nautical Store Decor of Beach Store is done?

If you are planning to open clothing or any other store near the beaches then the nautical décor becomes a must for attracting more and more customers towards the store.

In the field of marketing it has been seen that more the attractive is your store, the chances of attracting customers gets high. Take the example of supermarkets, some 10-15 years back people used to buy products from local market but as the supermarket culture, where a fully air conditioned store selling every item under one roof, came into existence it attracted large number of people towards it.

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Similarly, the stores near the beaches must have a similar décor in order to attract the locals. When it comes to beaches, the nautical décor comes to the mind first. There are number of nautical lightings and products which could be used in the store to give a beach like feeling to the customers.

Starting with the entrance door, the sea shells could be used on the door, which could prepare the visitors for the amazing nautical décor present inside the store. Along with it, some passage lights could also be installed outside.

Moving inside, the first thing that needs to be done is the colour on the walls, which fits better with the theme. Usually bright colours which are close to beaches are used. Here one can use combination of blue and white to adjust with the nautical décor.

Then comes the lightings, here has lot more to offer. There is wide range of lightings which could be used in the store as attraction without proper lights is next to impossible. In the store, along with the passage lights, the Aluminium Casting Pendant Light, Copper Ships Deck Cargo Pendant Light, Large Brass & Copper conic Pendant Light, etc. could be used.

Apart from it for decorating the walls, lets start with the clocks. There are number of original walls clocks that could be used in the store not only for telling time but also for decoration according to the nautical theme. The Brass Wall Clock, Wooden Case Wall Clock and Aluminium Ship Clock can be used in the décor.

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Then comes the decoration, where Aluminium Fixed Round Portholes, Rectangular Aluminium Fixed Portholes, and Rectangular Aluminium Opening Portholes can be used as photo or painting frames as well as mirrors for the customers. On the walls, Ring Buoy could also be placed for the decorations too.

When it comes to nautical décor, the matching furniture is also available reclaimed from the ships. Here Champhor Wood Chest with brass fitting, Rosewood Writing chest of drawer with brass fittings, and Teakwood Writing Chest Of draw could be used for seating and even counters. Even Passenger ship revolving chair with Iron Feet & Wooden Base can be a option for seating of the customers coming to the store.

With all these nautical lightings and décor items available with one can easily turn their stores into a nautical décor especially those running stores near the beaches. When the décor is good it attracts more and more customers and many at times it has been seen that stores with such unique décor doesn’t need specialised marketing when it becomes talk of the town.

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