Some Unknow Facts of Big Boss Season 12 Beach House Theme – Nautical Lights

Some Unknow Facts of Big Boss Season 12 Beach House Theme – Nautical Lights

Some Unknow Facts of Big Boss Season 12 Beach House Theme – Nautical Lights

If you are decorating home as Beach House or Coastal Designs it will not be completed without Nautical Lights and decor. Even in the reality tv show Bigg Boss, Season 12 one can find beach house theme giving a feel of complete holiday mood.

Bigg Boss Nautical Lights Decor

This year, the organisers of Bigg Boss have come up with a beach house theme, showcasing aquatic colours which creates underwater mystique in the house. There are certain custom made decor which has been assembled in a way to create perfect beach house and relaxing environment for the contestants.

In the ongoing season, the Bigg Boss Home decor contains shells, star-fish, sea horses and fish is being customised on the door handles. The main attraction in the house is decorative Chandeliers which has perfect fish detailing on it which makes it an important part of the decor.

beach theme house big boss nautical theme

The living area where Bollywood Actor and Bigg Boss host Salman Khan interacts with the contestants has also been decorated with marine life. In the Bigg Boss house’s living area just above the television lies an important part of the house décor. The wall is decorated with seashells, starfish, oysters, etc.

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Moving towards the cooking area, where usually controversies are cooked, a ship-shape kitchen top is combined with colourful crockery. There a huge wooden boat hung upside down in the dining area and the sequin dolphins are embedded on the wall.

nautical theme house

Talking about the bedroom, the art director has attempted to create an underwater illusion on one side of the wall and putting shades of blue on other walls.

In the Bigg Boss house decor, one could find a boat-shaped seating area beside the gym, where usually the contestants spend a lot of their time making plans to take over the game like pirates.

The Confession Room:

The art director had tried level best to give an unconventional look to the confession room. The décor contains colourful lanterns and cushions with a low wooden sitting. The idea to create a beach like feeling seemed to be achieved with such a décor.

big boss beach theme house nautical lights

Interesting fact behind Bigg Boss Beach house theme:

According to the news reports, the Art director Omung Kumar and his wife Vanita, who designed and worked on the Bigg Boss House décor, had an interesting story behind the selected theme.

In an interview, Omung sais that his wife Vanita suggested having a beach house theme for the Bigg Boss house as they were planning to buy a beach house in Goa. The couple tried their level best to purchase a beach house, but that did not happen.

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