Cruise Ship Interiors That Will Blow Your Mind

Cruise Ship Interiors That Will Blow Your Mind

Cruise Ship Interiors That Will Blow Your Mind

Do looks matter? This question is being asked almost everywhere from clothing to décor. But when it comes to the ships or cruise ships, the first thing that comes to our mind is the set of Hollywood blockbuster Titanic. Here we saw a beautifully decorated ship with majestic interiors(Cruise Ship Interiors).

Cruise Ship Interiors

Apart from the Titanic movie, when it comes to ships most of the people think that décor does not matter inside, as one could only see a huge piece of iron sailing on the sea. However, many Ships and cruise lines have started thinking about the interiors of their vessels which really matters, and they spend a hefty amount on the internal decoration of their ships.

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Even these décor items used inside the vessels are compatible to incorporate in the décor of your house and establishments if you are planning for nautical or oceanic décor. The marinetreasury has many such nautical products and lightings to offer which were originally used in the vessels.

Here we have listed some of the nautical furniture, décor items and lighting used in Cruise Ship Interiors. You could easily use them for decorating your house or establishment for giving a unique look.

This is how Cruise Ship Interior is done

Starting with the furniture, starting with the Rosewood Folding Lawn Chair which can be seen here in the image, it is being used in the cruise and ship side deck area. Here usually the guest and crew sit and relax to get a view of the ocean.

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folding lawn chairs

ship door ship interiors

Then comes the kitchen furniture, here we can see the wooden shelf and tables being used in the kitchen for keeping glasses, plates and other utensils. These are so handy which could be incorporated in your home and restaurant kitchens for giving a vintage look. This is a crucial part of Cruise Ship Interiors

table for plates and other kitchen utensils

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table for plates and kitchen utensils

In the cruise lines, the companies are spending a hefty amount on decorating dining or restaurant area where the guests spend much of the time eating, drinking and talking with each other.

In these images, we can spot the décor setup by MV Agustus Ocean Liner 1952. In it, Gustavo Pulitzer Dining Armchairs can be seen, which is available with marinetreasury  In Cruise Ship Interiors Along with many vessels use Passenger ship Aluminium Bar Stool or Passenger ship Brass Bar Stool in the Bar section. Some use, Passenger ship revolving chair with Iron Feet & Wooden Base in the dining area too.

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Gustavo Pulitzer Dining Armchairs

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For the comfort of the passengers and guests, Ships and Cruise line use wooden products which are not only comfortable but also fit better in the décor. These are also ideal for the home décor too.

Passenger Ship Sofa in mahogany

In these images, Wooden Bunk Beds are being used in the vessels for the passengers. Along with, Passenger Ship Wooden Sofa used in Mahogany can be seen here.

bunk bed

In Cruise Ship Interiors lets jump onto the deck, here not much can be spotted expect Lighting, wooden floor and ladders. In these images, Original Aluminium Search Light With Brass Fittings On Wooden Base, Original Ships Search Light Original Steel Ship Deck Light – Iron Stand and Original Brass & Steel Cargo Light can be seen. There are other searchlights which are being used on the deck.

brass search lights

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Here we can see the Wooden Gratings too used on the floor of the ship’s deck and also the ladder used for getting down from the ship.

flooring of upper deck of ship

ship ladder | cruise ship interiors

Not just these, but marine treasury offers a wide range of nautical products and lightings which could make your décor much more attractive for the guests or customers. We have a long list of furniture and lightings used on the ships and cruise line.

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