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Antique Ship Furniture

Antique Ship Furniture: Modern Decor with Antique Furniture

Antique Ship Furniture

Think of home or office decor and the first thing that would come to your mind would be the furniture. Further, people look for antique (ship) furniture for giving a vintage look to their decor. In the field of decor, the vintage look is being in demand as it reflects your high taste.

When it comes to the vintage look, there is nothing better than Antique Ship Furniture. The furniture used in the ships are not only antique but also durable to be used. There is a wide range of Antique Ship Furniture that could be used for decorating your home or the office, attracting visitors and letting them know about your classy taste.

Marine Treasury has a wide range of Antique Ship Furniture from bar stool to chairs and from wooden chest to tables. All the products are taken from the ships that are being salvaged for the people interested in such items.

nautical ship furniture- tables

Starting with the tables, a good range of classy and antique-looking pieces are available like there are Brass Corner Tables, Brass Tree Shade Centre Table, Gunmetal Porthole Centre Table, and many more. These tables can be used in the living room and the drawing-room, increasing the beauty of the space.

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Bar Stools:
nautical ship furniture- bar stools

If you are planning to set up a bar in your house or even in your commercial space, Marine Treasury has a lot to offer. There are different bar stools available in the ship furniture section, which would attract your attention. There are Brass Bar Stools With Ribs On the Base & Wooden Base & Seat, Passenger Ship Aluminium Bar Stool, Passenger Ship Brass Bar Stool and Short Brass Bar Stool.

nautical ship furniture- Chairs

Chairs, integral furniture in the house or office, which not only needs to be comfortable but also stylish. It should give a royal feeling, especially at home, when you are making efforts to give it a vintage took.

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There is Wooden Chair With Grass Seat, Wooden Chair With Cushion, Wooden Chair With Cane, Brass Chair, etc. In the ship furniture, we also have two varieties of Passenger Ship Revolving Chair With Iron Feet & Wooden Base. For relaxing you can opt for either Rosewood Folding Lawn Chair or a Small Teakwood Folding Lawn Chair.

For the walls:

Be it a decor for home or office, it can’t be said as “Completed” without decorating the walls? For it, marine treasury offers you different types of rectangular and round portholes. You can also decorate the walls with Old Wooden Steering Wheels.

At Marine Treasury, we offer a wide range of nautical products and lightnings which is used in decorating the outside portion of your property much more attractive. Do a visit to witness an extended range of nautical outdoor lightnings which was earlier used on the ships and cruise lines.

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