About Us

About Us

Marine Treasury is a well-known name in the trading world of various ship salvage items, vintage items, nautical lights and many more. We have been in the business since 1991 and have since then grown into a global company that ships nautical Lightings all over the world.

We are a worldwide business comprised with all the products that you need and desire to buy. All the products available at Marine Treasury are at pocket-friendly rates. We also guarantee a rapid delivery from our storage to your doorstep.

Our company supplies old ship Lights. We proudly supply high-quality Lightings and ship items.

It is our promise to all of our customers that our supplied products are both durable and reliable. Marine Treasury has never compromised on the quality of the items we sell. Likewise, we provide ship salvage items from all over the world.

When you think of both quantity and quality, Marine Treasury is the first name that comes to mind. Our clients make one purchase from us and they become regular customers. We assure you that any experience you have with Marine Treasury will be nothing less than outstanding. Providing our customers with satisfaction is our strength.

We always make it a point to keep enhancing the range and variety of our products. Among our most popular sales are ship deck lights, nautical portholes, ship lamps and lights, ring buoys, ship nautical items, and passageway lights.

Marine Treasury is located in INDIA. We have an office in Mumbai. We recover and salvage the products we sell from ship breaking yards. We are more than willing to provide all the necessary information regarding our products including pictures, product name, product size, product weight, product metal, and product ID.

Our products include: ship lights, ship lantern, nautical lanterns, Vintage deck lights, Vintage fox lights, Vintage cargo lights, nautical searchlights, authentic ship lights, reclaimed ship lights, bulkhead lights, vintage bulkhead lights, marine bulkhead lights, passageway lights, nautical passageway lights, vintage ship lights, brass ship lights, salvage lights, nautical lights, nautical pendant lights, nautical wall lights, nautical light fixtures, nautical outdoor lighting, nautical post lights, nautical porthole, ship telegraph, ship clock, boat compass, sextant, ship bells, ring bells, ship fog horn, ship wheel, chain And ring buoy

We make sure that the products we sell are in great condition. That is why we take the time to transform the salvaged pieces into polished in great working condition. Since we always put much work into providing you with great quality items, we also do repairs and upgrades on the items you desire. All you have to do is give us your requirements and we’ll make sure to fulfill all of them for you.

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